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This UV Bulb VZero 085D is suitable for Agfa Anapurna M UV printers. This is the original Agfa manufactured UV lamp (part number 500175). There is a product warranty of one year with this UV lamp.

This VZero 085D UV lamp is a highly compact, ultra lightweight, modular UV system, designed specifically for inkjet curing applications. With an arc length of 8.8cm and power output of 80/200 W/cm, this lamp represents one of the most effective, high output, high quality UV emitters of its size on the market today.

VZero Standard Features:

  • Ultra compact "footprint"
  • High intensity reflector system
  • Rapid warm-up and cool down
  • In-head ignitors for reliable start and added safety
  • Positive integrated air-cooling
  • Up to 1000 hour guaranteed lamp-life
  • Low voltage, extendable length power lead
  • Plug and socket cabling connections
  • One year Warranty

VZero Operation

  • Lamp warm-up: 20-30 seconds
  • Lamp cool-down: 40-50 seconds
  • Focal length: 60mm from lamphead

Power Supply

  • 204/240V 50/60Hz (055-140)
  • 380/415V 50Hz/60Hz Three phase
  • (170-270mm)
  • Dimension:

    • Arc length: 88mmm
    • Total length: 155mm

    Smart-UV продолжает поставлять дефицитные УФ лампы для более старых систем, которые на сегодняшний день находятся в эксплуатации. Ни одна другая компания не располагает ресурсами для изготовления таких ламп.